Kristen Hessler, Ph.D. - Team Based Learning in a Large Class

Dr. Kristen Hessler, UAlbany Assistant Professor of Philosophy, after experimenting with different techniques to engage students in her large (150-student) lecture classes, decided to try Team Based Learning (TBL), a course design and management strategy pioneered by Professor Larry Michaelsen. This method incorporates frequent, immediate feedback and extensive use of small-group activities to promote student engagement and deeper learning.

Video 1 - Dr. Hessler explains her rationale for adopting Team-Based Learning in her large lecture course.


Video 2 - Dr. Hessler compares the outcomes, before and after.


Video 3 - Dr. Hessler describes the process of creating & using Readiness Assessment Tests (RATS), a key component of TBL.


Video 4 - Dr. Hessler recalls the process she went through to re-design her course.


Video 5 - Dr. Hessler discusses student reactions to TBL.


Video 6 - Dr. Hessler recounts a dramatic team turnaround from her first semester.