iPeer is a web based application to develop and deliver peer evaluations.  If you have any questions regarding UAlbany's iPeer system, please contact the iPeer administrator.  You may get to UAlbany's iPeer by clicking below.  



iPeer Tutorial and Resources

If you need help using iPeer, please begin by checking out the video tutorial's listed below. You will find them helpful in learning how to do almost anything in iPeer. If , after doing so, you are still having trouble, feel free to contact the iPeer administrator with your questions. In addition to the video tutorials, we have also provided two .csv templates in Microsoft Excel. The first will allow you to create accounts for your students and to enroll them in your course. The second will allow you to create groups for your entire class at once. You can download these by right clicking on the respective links below and then left clicking "save file as". When the popup window appears, simply find a location you will remember and click "save". If you are not sure how to use the files, please refer to the appropriate video tutorial.

Microsoft Excel .csv Templates

1. Template for Adding Students

2. Template for Creating Groups


iPeer Video Tutorials

1. How Navigate iPeer

2. How to Create a Course

3. How to Add Students

4. Evaluations and Evaluation Events