Events Calendar

Spring 2018 ITLAL Workshops for Faculty and Instructional Staff
January 20: Planning Assignments that Don't Turn into Ugly Surprises
February 7: What's an IITG grant, and how can I get one?
February 7 & 8: Cultivating Student Attentiveness
February 16: What are your students thinking? (And how can you find out?)
March 1: Understanding and Responding to Challenging Student Behaviors
Spring 2018 Designing for Online Learning Workshops
February 2: Essential Preparations for Teaching Online
February 15: Build a Classroom Environment through Essential Interactions
February 16: Accessibility and Universal Design for Online Teaching and Learning
February 28: Empower Students to Succeed
March 20: Facilitate Discussions across Time and Space
April 5: Copyright Basics for Online Teaching and Learning
Spring 2018 Events for Graduate Students and Future Faculty
January 31: Ready for the Job Market? The Interview
February 6: Ready for the Job Market? The Teaching Demonstration
February 20: Finding the Balance between Research and Teaching
March 24: Academic Job Market Boot Camp
April 12: Grant Proposal Writing for Graduate Students